Vienna is a young artist who plays the piano, is learning guitar and has been studying voice for several years. She also writes original music and is currently working on a recording project.


Vince Borrelli can pack up all the energy of his band into a one-man show. With a guitar and a good crowd, Vince can be the heart of any happy hour, cocktail hour, or any other event you have for him. With a HUGE book of songs available, the SOLO PERFORMER show is a winner every time! Vince plays clubs, restaurants, happy hours, cocktail hours, can sing in Italian and even enjoys delivering music enrichment shows at local assisted living homes.


Paul McNeil is a unique guitarist, singer, songwriter. He’s got a distinctive style of fingerpicking that is rhythmic, melodic, funky and mellow. He plays a wide variety of music from the 70’s to today in rock, country, jazz and fingerstyle formats.



Jeff has been a popular singer/songwriter/musician. He has performed an eclectic mix with many well-known groups in the Western Maryland, 4-State Region for many years. He is a member of several bands including The Brandy Stills Band, The Antietam Generals, PBQ, Longmeadow Mining Company, and TKO! Whether performing solo or part of an ensemble, Jeff entertains his audience with quality music, vocals, humor and stories.


Ted was inducted into the Maryland Entertainment Hall of Fame as a member of the showband, Second Coming. Ted is a musician based in the Mercersburg area. He has been playing music for decades. Former bands, to name a few, have been Summer, Second Coming, Split Image and The Holders. Ted is currently in the rock, R&B, funk and soul band, Gray Matter (previously Slam Dunk). Ted plays a true blend of music; something for everyone!


Drew Adams, a working musician from Waynesboro, PA, has been singing and playing instruments for over 20 years. He mainly performs in the Waynesboro/Chambersburg PA areas as well as Hagerstown, MD, but he occasionally travels to the suburbs of Baltimore and Harrisburg. Drew has previously been a member of several local bands including Dimestore Profit, the Drew Adams Project and On Tap. He continues to appear occasionally in various larger acts in addition to his solo performances. A wide variety of popular music is represented in Drew’s repertoire, which caters to all age groups. Most of the influences come from the 1990’s, but some of the more classic selections include covers by Rod Steward, Billy Joel, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash and Van Morrison. Dres loves to perform for weddings, anniversary parties and corporate events in addition to pubs and restaurants. He is always enthused to appear at a venue for the first time


Todd Haines is an acoustic guitarist/vocalist from Williamsport, MD. Lew Palladino is a guitarist/vocalist from Hagerstown, MD who is best known for decades of live performances with The Rhythm Kings. The Howlers style is stripped down to the elemental basics of guitars and mics. They draw on a lifetime of musical influences from classic rock, country, blues and everything in between. A typical performance will feature songs both well-known and obscure, from a range of artists and genres. Anything from The Beatles to Zac Brown, with the goal of an ever-expanding set list and musical experience.


Jason Teach has been playing and performing for the last 20 years. His sound has evolved over the years and some things have always remained true. His voice is pure and his honesty and heartfelt sensitivity comes through in his music.
In the mid-90’s, Jason and three other artists combined to create the band FOAM. The songwriter’s talent was recognized and FOAM was signed with Epic Records. They recorded in New York City with Michael Beinhorn and played with several major acts, including Live, Smash Mouth, Everclear and Better than Ezra. Their CD, Big Windshield Little Mirror, was released in the spring of 1997. He has since played and recorded with other bands, such as The Curves’ Goo’ bye Jack, which can be found on Apple Music,and with his current band, Lucy. Lucy has recorded and released two albums, Curiosity and Second to None. Jason’s focus now is to play, perform and entertain in as many different venues as possible to bring smiles to people’s faces and write the songs that make the whole world sing.


Come sip some wine and listen to the sweet melodies of Vienna!


East of Antietam is a duo comprised of the husband and wife team of Jim and Robin. They have been working together musically since 1986. Most recently, Jim and Robin performed with a local trio known as Bellus, that performed throughout the Tri-State area. Guitar and rich vocal harmonies, their musical style and influences include a variety of artists from Shawn Colvin, Adele, Crowded House, Simon & Garfunkel, Over the Rhine and many more.