Morris~Morris is a Father/Son music duo that performs music ranging from standards, jazz, classic rock and blues.


Bob Courter is a guitarist and singer. He is currently a member of the band, Prophets of the Abstract Truth, as well as experimental duos. Bob’s solo shows bring an eclectic mix from his years of playing jazz, rock, blues, reggae and country. His stream of consciousness set could include Hank Williams, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Muddy Waters, The Rolling Stones and Frank Sinatra, all done the Bobby C way!


Caleb is a recent graduate of the University of Tennessee with a degree in Music Education. He is currently pursuing his masters at Frostburg State. The self taught keyboardist is a home-grown church musician who loves a variety of music.


Paul McNeil is a unique guitarist, singer, songwriter. He’s got a distinctive style of fingerpicking that is rhythmic, melodic, funky and mellow. He plays a wide variety of music from the 70’s to today in rock, country, jazz and fingerstyle formats.


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Kerensa Gray – Decades of honing and refining a unique vocal style, multiple recordings and a plethora of stage performances have cemented her reputation as not only a singer, but also a storyteller,composer and teacher. Often compared to jazz royalty, the likes of Ella Fitzgerals, Etta James and songstresses of past generations, she interweaves elements of jazz, folk, blues, R&B and classical to create a sound that is undeniably hers.
Kerensa was born in May, 1973 in the small mountain community of Cumberland, MD. While neither of her parents were formally trained musicians, music was the language that was most fluently spoken in the Hetz household. Rock, blues, folk and classical were the soundtracks to a simple childhood.
At age 9, Kerensa fell in love with the violin and found it in a voice that she longed to explore. Piano soon followed and though she was always singing in church and school choirs, serious asthma seemed to snuff out any dreams of finding her own voice until she reached high school and found encouragement and breath training from her high school choir director. “Other than my father, I owe my voice to my high school choir director, Craig Schutz. He is the one who challenged me to push past what I thought were my limits and instilled in me the importance of constant growth and experimentation.”
After many years pursuing music in the church, Kerensa was encouraged to plunge into jazz. As one who believes in going “all in ” she entered the Billie Holiday Vocal Competition in 2009 to “find out how much I had to learn” and to oher surprise, won the Baltimore, MD based contest. Kerensa followed up that win with her 2009 release of “Let Me Be Me”, a mix of gospel and jazz stylings with the support of jazz guitarist Drew Davidsen. In 2012 she joined Nashville, TN based Creative Soul Jazz producer Eric Copeland to produce “Bliss” and her 2016 offering “Take Me In” and she is currently working with Nashville based producer/arranger, Jason Webb, on her next project. Kerensa currently resides in Waynesboro, PA with her husband, Lee, and their 3 furry children – Treble, Opal and Rico.
For more information about Kerensa Gray Jazz, including recordings and booking, please visit or email


Denny Spickler is a talented acoustic guitarist who plays an array of enjoyable music. He also performs in the local acoustic duo, Stif Dills. Denny will be playing some original music as well as many favorites for folks who like folk, to name a few, John Prine, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt and many more.

Trivia Night!

Come test your trivia skills and sip some wine with us! Flagship Trivia hosted by Megan and Phil will make your Thursday evenings a blast! Order your dinner early at or for delivery to the winery. Gift card prizes from Blue Mountain and Dolce Restaurant!


Jeff has been a popular singer/songwriter/musician. He has performed an eclectic mix with many well-known groups in the Western Maryland, 4-State Region for many years. He is a member of several bands including The Brandy Stills Band, The Antietam Generals, PBQ, Longmeadow Mining Company, and TKO! Whether performing solo or part of an ensemble, Jeff entertains his audience with quality music, vocals, humor and stories.


Drew Adams, a working musician from Waynesboro, PA, has been singing and playing instruments for over 20 years. He mainly performs in the Waynesboro/Chambersburg PA areas as well as Hagerstown, MD, but he occasionally travels to the suburbs of Baltimore and Harrisburg. Drew has previously been a member of several local bands including Dimestore Profit, the Drew Adams Project and On Tap. He continues to appear occasionally in various larger acts in addition to his solo performances. A wide variety of popular music is represented in Drew’s repertoire, which caters to all age groups. Most of the influences come from the 1990’s, but some of the more classic selections include covers by Rod Steward, Billy Joel, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash and Van Morrison. Dres loves to perform for weddings, anniversary parties and corporate events in addition to pubs and restaurants. He is always enthused to appear at a venue for the first time