Make Your Own
Beer & Wine

With the help of our winemakers and brew master, we can help you learn make your own Wine, Beer & Cider and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


MAKE YOUR OWN WINE with our friendly staff. Enjoy a personalized, educational experience with family, friends, or co-workers.


Brew 5 gallons of your favorite beer with our avid brewing consultant. From brew to bottle in 4-6 weeks


MAKE YOUR OWN HARD CIDER. Try varieties such as pear, blueberry, raspberry, and many others!

Enjoy The Fruits of Your Labor

Together, with our hands-on instruction, you get to make your own wine.   Choose from a variety of red, white, blush, or fruit wine.  In 4 trips over a six week period, you will take home your masterpiece

At the last appointment, you will bottle, cork, and label your wine with custom created labels designed for you and have a blast doing it! 

The finished product is great for:

  • Wedding favors
  • Christmas gifts
  • Birthday presents
  • Family reunions
  • Gifts from a business with your logo on the label
  • A gift for any wine lover
  • Or expand your own personal collection

Call, Email or stop in to make an appointment.  Each wine kit will make 6 gallons with a yield of approximately 28-30  (750 ML) bottles of wine. The cost for a six-gallon batch starts around: $220. Higher priced kits will raise the cost slightly. Your wine will be finished in just 4 to 6 weeks. Call 301-791-2882 today with  questions or to schedule your personal wine making experience.

The Wine Making Process

Step 1 : Fermentation
(approx. 30 minutes)

Mix wine juice and other ingredients, such as bentonite, oak chips or grape skins in a primary fermenting bucket. Learn to read a hydrometer measuring the sugar level of the juice which determines the finished alcohol potential. Add yeast.

Step 2 : Stabilizing and Clearing
(approx. 30 minutes)

Two weeks later. (Some kits require an extra time.) Transfer the wine into a secondary container - glass carboy. Add stabilizer to stop the yeast from further fermentation. Then, add the clarifying agent to clear the wine, and remove suspended particles

Step 3 : Polish Rack
(approx. 15 minutes)

Transfer wine off of the sediment and get it ready to bottle.

Step 4 : Bottling & Corking
(approx. 90 minutes)

One week later your wine will be ready to bottle. Fill, cork, label and shrink wrap the bottles. Take your wine home and enjoy the fermented fruits of your labor!

Brew Your Own Beer

Brew your own beer here at our store. Your brew will be ready in 4-6 weeks. You will brew a 5 gallon batch of beer from a custom recipe created for you by our brew instructor.

Cost includes personal instruction and guidance throughout the process, all beer ingredients, bottles, caps, and personal labels we help you create. $160.00  *Upgrading kit may raise the cost slightly *Advanced beer over 8% (steps and price will increase)

Call 301-791-2882 today with any questions and to schedule your personal brew time.

The Beer Brewing Process

Step 1 : Brewing
(approx. 3 hours)

Brew beer, add yeast, and let it ferment.

Step 2 : Transfer
(approx. 1 hour)

Bottle, Cap and label your beer to take it home

Yield 48-55 Bottles

Beer must sit for two weeks to carbonate before drinking it.

Need Labels?

We make labels just for you!  Choose from a great selection of custom labels and get them printed here while you wait!